Tell Me a Story

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Tell Me a Story 1 The Stories:

The Cleverest Tune
The Goddess and the Ogre
Whisker of the Lioness
The Lady and the Judge
Reindeer Maiden
Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind

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In this impressive production, each of the five stories story radiates a message of lifelong significance regarding human compassion, cleverness, conflicts, triumphs, and patience. Writer and producer Amy Friedman has redesigned standard conventional folktales from a variety of cultures into enchanting and compelling narratives. In each story, a female character is confronted with a challenge that initially seems impossible. The opening story, "The Cleverest Tune," demonstrates the wit of the young daughter who was given the daunting task of completely filling a 200-room palace-from corner to corner, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. In "The Goddess and the Ogre" the heroine uses kindness to overshadow the fierceness of the villain. Children will be fascinated as the adventures of these legendary characters unfold. The rich voices of the professional readers expertly chill, charm, and captivate. The highly gifted musicians boost the story's magic from the opening overture through the final "Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind." Although the CD title and the story characters might imply that the stories would appeal to young women, boys will equally appreciate the journey of each story's protagonist. All young listeners should have the opportunity to immerse themselves into these delectable tales. Editor's note: This text refers to the audiobook edition. Dr. Flora Joy ©2009 Parents' Choice

From BOOKLIST, October 15, 2009 Parents and children will enjoy this pleasant collection of six traditional myths and legends with a modern girl-power twist. The “stories of heroines and goddesses” are adapted from tales that originated in Great Britain, the U.S., Cambodia, East Africa, New Zealand, and Turkey. Each is read by a different narrator, including comic Paula Poundstone and animation voice artist DiCicco. Composer Laura Hall’s entrancing original music serves as an overture and is interwoven into the soundscape. The readers’ consistent, dramatic deliveries provide young listeners with a virtual seat in the storyteller’s circle. The short length of each tale, from 8 to 13 minutes, is ideal for brief car trips or classroom listen-aloud breaks. Also available in Playaway. — Mary Burkey